Paragliding books

livre parapente

You want to learn paragliding, complete your knowledge or have a good book for the long winter evenings? Here is a selection of paragliding books that you should not miss.

Free flight manual :

manuel du vol libre parapente

Whether you are interested in paragliding or hang gliding, this book explains everything in great detail. From the flight mechanics of the two aircraft, to the good practices of takeoff and landing, to the regulations in force, you will find all the necessary information to learn the basics or to study for paragliding patents. Through its 240 pages, the authors P. Menegoz and A. Jacques wanted to make the Free Flight manual a real reference book considered by many as the official bible of the FFVL.

Paragliding : Initiate and Progress

livre parapente initiation et progression

With the book "Paragliding : Initiate and Progress", it is simply 366 pages that will accompany you from your first day in an initiation course to your cross country records. A true best seller with over 30,000 copies sold and regularly updated, this book will enable you to understand the basic techniques of paragliding as easily as the aerodynamic principles or aerology, thanks to its clear and precise diagrams and explicit photos. Written in an educational way by Pierre-Paul Ménégoz and Yves Goueslain, this book is accessible and concrete. To be read and re-read without moderation!

Thermal Flight

livre vol thermique parapente

272 pages, 500 illustrations, this book is simply a mine of information for all paraglider pilots who are in the process of progressing and who wish to move seriously into thermal flying. Author Burkhard Martens' aim is to enable paragliders to make their first cross-country flight under the best possible conditions. With professional tips, safety advice and chapters adapted to all technical levels, this book is a real reference for all distance flying enthusiasts.

Small manual of mountain weather

livre meteo parapente

Unlike the previous books, this book is not dedicated to the world of paragliding but is aimed at all outdoor mountain sports enthusiasts. This guide explains how mountain meteorology works, the impact of relief on weather conditions, the foehn effect, valley breezes, adiabatic and catabatic winds. In short, everything that we paragliders can encounter in the Alps, the Pyrenees or the Massif Central. A reference book to sharpen your sense of analysis, understand the weather reports and fly in better safety conditions.