Tandem flight over Puy-de-Dôme

3 tandem options

One of those flights with Henri :


The tandem paragliding flight is the best way to discover all the different aspects of paragliding. With an experienced BEJEPS (Youth, Education and Sport State-registered Diploma) instructor, you'll be able to choose between a discovery flight (the softest way to fly), a sensation flight (rush of adrenalin guaranteed) or a thermal flight (to fly higher). Tandem is for everyone, children as adults, from 66 to 242lb. Indeed, we have a large range of gliders that can allow each and everyone to fly

So, what do you think ? Are you up for this challenge ?

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If so, you can choose your own flight :

  Discovery flight - 80€

(video option : + 20€, total 100€)

To everyone whose dream is to leave the floor !

This first option offers a unique experience next to a state-registered instructor who will explain you all the paragliding basics. An unforgettable adventure to discover the French Chaîne des Puys. And for the bravest, you'll have the opportunity to take control handles to pilot on your own !

About 15 minutes of flight (depending on weather conditions)

   Sensation flight - 100€

(video option : + 20€, total 120€)

For those who have a strong stomach!
Not sure about what aerobatic is?
Come and take your adrenalin dose and push further your own limits alongside our state-registered aerobatics pilots!

With this epic flight you'll also be able to understand how the glider can fly according to you instructor’s explanations

About 15 minutes of flight (depending on weather conditions)


Thermal flight - 145

(video option: + 20€, total 165€)

For those who want more and gain height !

 Get comfortable for this is the most challenging way to fly. Go higher and discover new sensations.

Become a paragliding pilot by controlling handles and feel your heartbeat as we go higher with the thermals to appreciate the Chaîne des Puys from a new perspective.

Your instructor will adjust the flight according to your will !

About 30 minutes of flight (depending on weather conditions)


 Call us right now at 07 62 180 360 to book your flight


Offer a gift voucher !

Before booking anything, please read our General terms and conditions of sale 

Video option

Your instructor will offer you to record your flight with an on-board camera, HD quality to keep a unique memory of this magical moment. By adding 20€ you'll keep the 8 Go SD card !

Time and place

Every day from the month of April to October. Meeting place is on top of the Puy de Dôme. We will inform you the time which your train will leave to reach the top. Your flight will begin 30 minutes after your arrival. You can also reach the top by taking the Chemin des Muletiers (about 45 minutes hiking). ATTENTION: if you don't want to miss your train, think about coming 10 minutes earlier to buy your tickets.

Train schedule :https://www.panoramiquedesdomes.fr/page/horaires-du-train


Regarding your outfit, wear warm and thick clothes. You can also take your sunglasses and camera (don't forget a safety cable).

All prices on this page.


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