SIV paragliding course

Master your glider !

Above the wonderful Annecy lake, you'll begin your progression with basics piloting exercises (pitch and roll phases and control, braking the deflate, etc...) to get familiar with your glider swings movements and the energy related to this. This way we'll construct strong skills that will allows you to progress step by step toward maneuvers more complicated.

Tableau progression parapente

Course 3 or 4 days :

Whatever your level is, the SIV course will help you to improve your technic in order to fly with more sensation, safety and performance to confirm fundamental skills :

  • Braking the deflate
  • Block the rotations
  • Keep a direction with a closed glider
  • Find a way out from an autorotation
  • Master a safety back flight


This course is for everyone as long as you can take off and land on your own, whatever your experience is, the progression is entirely personalize.


Fly further and try aerobatics :

Following the pilot progression, aerobatics first maneuvers are accessible to most of you. If you master paragliding basics and you're comfortable with your glider, you'll learn :

  • Wings-over, asymmetrical 360 and inversions
  • SAT
  • Hélico

And for ambitious pilots :

  • Mc Twist, Mistyflip and Twister
  • Asymmetrical SAT, rhythmic SAT and Tumbling


 This course includes :

  • An instructor at the take-off area
  • A shuttle with a driver
  • A video camera and cameraman for the debriefing
  • A boat with his pilot
  • A classroom and debriefing room
  • A radio guidance: instructor certified for SIVs
  • A life jacket
  • An earpiece and waterproof bag for the radio (you must have your radio)