SUPAIR Evolite M


LTF and EN approved


Accessible, efficient and light!

It is the ideal harness to progress safely towards longer and longer flights and distance.

The harness is made of light fabrics and without fairing foam to make it lighter.


Features :

  • Piloting

Site, cross
Sitting or semi-reclined position (with footrest)

  • Security

Under-seat parachute pocket with adjustable volume with handle and exit on the right hand side
Automatic buckles 25 mm alu (light)
Safe-T-Bar anti-forgetting system
Anti Balance System
Automatic carabiners 30 mm

  • Equipment/Comfort

Accelerator pulleys
Guide tube for the passage of the accelerator along the seat surface
Pre-equipment of footbraces (retractable model only!)
20 mm short retractable footrest (optional)
Accelerator return elastic
Pre-equipped for hydration system
Pre-equipment for Speedbag (cocoon) (optional)
Wrap-around side walls

  • Storage

Large back storage pocket
Stretchy fabric left side tote pocket

  • Settings

Backrest tilt adjustment
Seat depth adjustment
Seat tilt adjustment
Shoulder length adjustment
Leg length adjustment
Ventral gap adjustment

  • Materials

Polyester 100D RIPSTOP
Polyester 210D RIPSTOP
Polyester 25mm and 28mm (1250 daN)
Polyamide 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 40mm