Instruments for paragliding

Discover the best instruments for longer flights, performance flights or competition. A large choice of instruments: varios, altis, GPS, radios, ...

You will also find radios and accessories for safety or communication between paragliders.

Syride Sys Evolution

The ultimate tool for safe flying, competition and record breaking.

649,00 €

616,55 €

Supair Neoprene radio Pocket

Neoprene pocket for radio

27,00 €

22,95 €

Gin Radio pocket Smart

The Gin Smart radio holder is a holster-style radio holder with an integrated zipped pocket for your...

36,00 €

30,60 €

Icom Headset HM-128L

For Radio IC-V80E Headset with remote microphone and PTT. 2.5-3.5mm angled jack

32,00 €

30,40 €

Kenwood Remote microphone SMC34

Remote HP microphone with programmable keys and volume control

60,00 €

57,00 €

Kenwood Radio THK20E

A reference radio in free flight

170,00 €

161,50 €

Icom V80 Radio

The new Icom set replaces the V85 which is no longer in production. This station is characterized...

178,00 €

169,10 €

Syride SYS'Nav

SYS'Nav has all the navigation and airspace functions. Complete, powerful, practical, light

399,00 €

379,05 €

Syride SYS'GPS

SYS'GPS is an alti-vario-GPS with G-meter. Perfect for recreational flying. Practical, light, pow...

349,00 €

331,55 €


Alti Vario GPSBluetooth Global airspaces World topography Competition compatible

499,00 €

474,05 €

Syride SYS'Alti

SYS'Alti is an alti-vario with G-meter. Ideal for beginners. Simple, light, practical, efficient

199,00 €

189,05 €

Syride SYS One

SYS'One is a sound and visual vario microphone. Indispensable for hiking or travelling. Small, li...

69,00 €

65,55 €