Itinerant paragliding course

Cross country your progression's service !

You are independent on your usual spots ?

Freedom Parapente takes you where you'll be flying, discovering new horizons.

The place choice depends on the season, weather and your will: Massif Central, Alpes, Apes du Sud, etc....

Our purpose: optimize our calendar to give you unforgettable flights !


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at people who are autonomous in flight (with a progression or improvement level) and who wish to discover new paragliding spots in France. The content of the course is almost identical to that of the advanced course. It allows you to discover new places, to learn how to adapt to the environment, the difficulties, the characteristics, ... different according to the place. 


Prerequisites :

Entry level for advanced training:

  • Autonomy takeoff / landing
  • Personal equipment
  • Autonomous flight on site
  • Validated initial patent or personal practice validating the green level 

Details of the advanced course (Blue Level):

Theoretical content :

  • Big exchanges, depression and anticyclones, frontology, stability / instability, clouds
  • Weather Bulletin
  • Hazardous weather phenomena


  • Use of the accelerator
  • Effect of the ears
  • Spiral Neutrality


  • Landing techniques
  • Transient phases, gusts, turbulence
  • Closures
  • Operation of the wing polar fleece


  • Use of the accelerator
  • Altimeter / Variometer
  • Categories of wings
  • Rescue use, folding


  • Aeronautical map, search for AIS info

Objectives :

  • Autonomy at take-off with varied conditions, back and face, variable slope, crosswind
  • Steering active! Managing tilting movements
  • Flight plan autonomy
  • Autonomy for various landings
  • Bottom-up operations 
  • Pilot in case of closure
  • Accelerator, simple operation
  • Adjusting and maintaining equipment
  • Emergency folding
  • Fast descents


  • Weather analysis and general observation
  • Flight plan drawn up, adaptation to conditions
  • Respecting priorities