The team
As Freedom parapente works only with passionate pilots, here are few lines to get to know us :
Passionate about everything that can fly, I fully appreciate this passion thanks to the soaring feeling that offers paragliding.
I like cross country flying, hike and fly competitions and the simplicity of paragliding, and that's
exactly what I want to share with you!
"Obstinate but always here for you!"

Henri DEJEPS (Youth, Education and Sport State-registered Diploma) paragliding instructor and tandem pilot since 2009. Qualified for SIVs and Hand'Icare.

): It’s been 20 years, paragliding has become my lifestyle. I found it as a constant evasion and a matchless freedom. Getting to know the air and how to move through it is an endless quest.
"Not a morning person...beside that everything's alright!"

Nico (co-manager) - DEJEPS paragliding instructor and tandem pilot since 2003. Qualified for SIVs, speed riding and Hand'Icare. Paramotor pilot and international competitor

For about 10 years I've been exploring Auvergne following the wind with my snow kite. This one isn't really made to fly so I decided to try paragliding...It's a unique feeling of freedom and serenity given by the environment. We're lucky to have extraordinary mountains to teach this passion. I've chosen to give myself fully into it.
"Imperturbable, receptive and passionate"

Camille BE-JEPS paragliding instructor

His first flights are made by glider from the age of 17 years. Since whatever the flying machine used, the massif, the sites, the meetings, the passion is always present. His credo is pleasure and security. Learning or tandem flight remain great moments of sharing and exchange in this exceptional setting of the volcano park.
It will guide you in your learning of paragliding

Fabrice BPJEPS paragliding instructor

A pure specimen of the Freedom Parapente Factory. A guy he is good at!
"Some have adventures, it's an adventure."

Arthur BPJEPS paragliding instructor

When I discovered, 8 years ago, that you could do paragliding without getting too tired of as much distance and uneven in three hours that a week of walking, my life has rocked.
After eight years of immense joys exploring the Auvergnat sky, playing jumping clouds, and trying without success to imitate the birds, I decided to re-socialize.
To the point of now wanting to share this magic of flying, which is so accessible if you want it.
"Do not trust his t-shirts, he's a good guy."

Antoine BEJEPS paragliding instructor student in Freedom Parapente

"Why am I not an oizo? "What you said being small" says my mother ... plastic bag 3 years, a tandem to 4, umbrella to 5 ... then 10 years is the plane for a few years ... but something is missing, or there is something too much ... At 25 I find myself suspended under a plastic canvas with strings with only motor . Passion and the outdoors.
Since I fly for real 😉 as a bird (well, almost), as in my dreams, and today I want to share this dream because it's the most beautiful thing you can do.
"Calm and passionate, with a hint of madness!"

Pierre Alexandre BEJEPS paragliding instructor student in Freedom Parapente

Even if it's been a while since I fly, not much predestined me to take care of the management of a small box like Freedom. It's probably me who will answer your e-mail or your call and all your questions ... But, give me a little time to fly ;-)! "In the top !"

Marielle Secrétaire multitask (Boss)

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