General terms and conditions of sale

Registration-cancellation-special cases

To book a course, you must complete the only registration form or send it to us by e-mail or by post. The course reservation is confirmed with your deposit (20% of the total price of your reservation). If we don't receive your deposit 7 days after your reservation, we reserve the right to give your place to another trainee.

If the trainee cancels his course more than 3 weeks before it starts, the deposit will be repaid. If cancelled after 21 days left, deposit is considered granted. An unjustified absence commits the trainee to pay the entire price of the course to Freedom Parapente. Any partial cancellation or departure in advance won't give the trainee, right to have a discount or a credit note.

If the number of trainee registered to a course is at or under 3, Freedom Parapente reserves the right to move or cancel (and repay) the course.

5 days courses, from Monday to Friday, can be extended to Saturday or even Sunday, depending on weather conditions. If a course is necessary on Saturday, it can't be replaced by a credit note for the day or be repaid, as well as a departure before the end of the course.

The days that we cancel, will be repaid or a credit note will be given.


Contents and courses charter

Freedom Parapente is here for you, so take advantage of it!

Adaptability: During the courses, we use 4 different types of sessions for your progression and pleasure:

  • Theoretical courses (in a classroom or directly on the field)
  • Flat ground teaching (with small or big gliders, according to the wind force)
  • Training hills flights
  • High flights

The Freedom Parapente team will adjust courses depending on weather conditions, your progression and the educational goals.

Personalization: In order to give you the best teaching, we offer you 6 types of courses depending on your level: Beginner course, paragliding refresher course (green level), paragliding advanced course (blue level), thermal and first country cross course, Massif-central country cross and SIVs.

Cohesion: Consistent groups of 7 trainees. We assure you not to mix trainees if their level is too different. Meaning that a beginner trainee can't be in an advanced course and so on. As well as a refresher course trainee won't be with a thermal and first country cross course trainee, but he will be with an advanced course trainee.



Freedom Parapente provides all the necessary material during all the courses.

You can use your own material. Freedom reserves the right to refuse materials that is not considered safe enough.

In case of deterioration of the material by a trainee, when the monitor's instructions were not respected, Freedom Parapente reserves the right to charge the trainee the total cost of reconditioning by an approved workshop.

Our shop

Products we sell are in accordance with the current French legislation and with the applicable standards in France. The responsibility of Freedom Parapente could not be committed in case of non-compliance with the legislation of another country.

Getting ready for your course

Train physically: be in a good shape is an undeniable assurance of safety. Also, a few fast walks on a hilly land will strengthen your ankles.

Think of: shoes that can hold your ankles, made for hiking (strongly recommended). An outfit made for the outdoor, T-shirt with long sleeves and a warm jacket like a fleece, also a windbreaker. Eventually some light gloves in summer and warmer gloves at the beginning of the season.

Personal data protection

Freedom parapente makes a commitment neither not to sell, not to market, neither to rent nor to communicate the information concerning you to a third party. If we had to be a victim of a known theft of documents, whether it is on paper or IT base, containing information concerning you, Freedom parapente would then disclaim all liability about the use which could be made regarding the data concerning you.


Pictures and texts used on the website are not contractual.

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